Welcome Parents

Faith Formation classes alone cannot instill faith in your child, nor is it the purpose of the program to do so. A program of this nature is meant to SUPPORT and NURTURE the faith you share with your child at home. 

We ask that all parents of those attending our program to: 

  • Be faithful to Sunday worship. This privilege of Sunday worship is the fundamental sign of our Catholic identity.

  • Be living examples of faith to inspire your children by faithful and consistent participation in the sacraments of the Church displaying your values in word and deed to your children.

  • Take an active role in teaching your children in the following ways:

    • Encourage and support your child to be faithful in attendance to the sessions.

    • Contact the Faith Formation staff when the need arises or questions arise... good communication is essential.

    • Make family prayer a regular activity. 

While we recommend that each child begin their journey in first grade, St. Louise recognizes the role of the parents as the primary teachers of faith (from the rite of Baptism) for their children. While it is traditional for a child to begin their journey in first grade and then continue through 8th grade, we realized this is not always the case. 

St. Louise Faith Formation staff and Catechists take the commitment to work with your children seriously. We will pray with you and for you, as together we share responsibility for the spiritual development of each child. We rely on your support in our effort to pass on Catholic tradition and values to your children.  


Class Sessions: 

Sunday:              10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Wednesday:         5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Classes begin early September and go through early May. 

How We Communicate with Parents:

  • The parish calendar lists the dates of all Faith Formation classes

  • There is a Faith Formation section in each week’s bulletin with upcoming notes

  • Emails are sent to parents when there is a need to share information

  • We use Remind.com to share last minute information


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Sunday Session:

Wednesday Session:

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Sacramental Preparation 

Children seeking to celebrate sacraments must be in their second consecutive year of Faith Formation. Good attendance for classes is a requirement to be enrolled in sacramental preparation classes. 

Reconciliation –

Celebrated in the 2nd Grade and typically scheduled in February or March of each year. 

Communion –

Celebrated in the 2nd Grade and typically scheduled the first Saturday of May each year. 

Confirmation –

Celebrated in 7th or 8th Grade and typically celebrated in the Spring of even calendar years. Candidates for Confirmation are also required to participate in a Confirmation Retreat and to demonstrate their “Love of Neighbor” by completing service projects.


Quick Links:

Contact Us 

For more information, please contact the Faith Formation Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708.482.8814. For voicemails, we ask that you allow 24-hours for a return call. The Faith Formation Office is located in the main office of St. Louise de Marillac School.

God Bless,
AnnMarie Mahay, Coordinator, Faith Formation
JoAnna Leon, Secretary, Faith Formation